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Dr. Sarah Feinstein: [00:00:00] What strategies came out of those meetings in terms of how these issues that you that you’ve highlighted were going?

Luchia Fitzgerald: [00:00:07] Well, that would all depend on how radical you were and what you had to lose.I mean, the people in work had to be discreet doing their getting all their information and compiling stuff. They had to be very discreet and try and sus out other gay people in their jobs and in their professions and for most of the working class people that were in jobs that they didn’t care about anyway. But we cared less. We cared less. And one of our strategies was this… was to go around all of the bridges, that you had to drive in under to get into the city, do your job, and we wrote on all the bridges, “we’re here, we’re queer and we’re going nowhere”. “Lesbians are everywhere”. And the gay men did the same.

Luchia Fitzgerald: [00:01:03] And so on the Monday, we did that really late on Sunday night. And on Monday morning, the whole town was in chaos. You could hear everybody doing this, leaning on the horns on their cars because it was causing chaos, because people were standing there looking at it and getting out of the cars to see if it was real on the bridge because nobody had ever seen anything like that. It was really brazen. But we didn’t care. We wanted everybody to know. We weren’t afraid anymore and we didn’t give a rat’s behind. That’s that was our strategy. And so the ones with the education and all the rest of it, you know, was writing stuff up to to right to MPs and their various things. You with me. So all the most of the working class people became quite radical in their approach.And the ones with the education, we’re going to talk to our MPs and stuff like that around the place and councillors and go and see people at the town hall.

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