Mrs. C interview question on help from men in cp (MSOH/757(2)_e02)

Interviewer: [00:00:00] Did many of the Communist men give as much help to their wives?

Mrs. C: [00:00:05] Did they hell as like! I had to fight with some of them. Have the men, the men inside Communist Party to release their wives to come to a meeting or take over some job in the Communist Party. They were worse than anyone for wanting a clean shirt or a meal, and their wives there when they got home. I used to have to fight some of the leaders harder than some of the others.

Interviewer: [00:00:25] Really?

Mrs. C: [00:00:25] And I told them, and put it on them on a platform and told them.

Interviewer: [00:00:31] Really?

Mrs. C: [00:00:31] Oh, no. And there’s a long way to go yet, there’s a long way to go. It’s being done but by God, there’s a long way to go yet even in general and even in the Communist party, Labour Party, Women’s Lib. We have a long way to go before you get your men realising that this, this it’s not a question of equality. It’s a question of understanding. The job that you both have to do. The necessary job, that’s got to be done if we’re going to get a better life for our kids and that’s what were in the Communist Party or any other thing that’s going to work towards Socialism, that’s what we’re in for, it’s for a better life. I wouldn’t like to see my son, nor his kids, he’s got two kids, a boy and a girl. I wouldn’t like to see him having the childhood I had.

Interviewer: [00:01:23] Yeah.

Mrs. C: [00:01:23] No, no, no, no. Doesn’t mean I didn’t learn from it, no, no, no. It didn’t, and even yet, I’m seventy five coming up to seventy six and I still, er, take part.

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