Zine #3 Guide to Cataloguing sound archives

Our next zine is now available.

Download zine #3 Guide to Cataloguing Sound Archives here.

This diy style introduction to cataloguing will provide you with guidelines to start the process of cataloguing your own audio collections.

The workflow used by the British Library’s Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project can be adapted to suit the needs of repositories. All cataloguing is completed using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The fields used can be mapped to a particular Collections Management System or to Digital Asset Management software.

As many audio collections contain oral history recordings there are also brief notes on creating interview summaries based on guidelines from the Oral History Society.

Here is a page by page preview

Cataloguing zine p1
Cataloguing zine p2
Cataloguing zine p3
Cataloguing zine p4
Cataloguing zine p5
Cataloguing zine p6
Cataloguing zine p7
Cataloguing zine p8

You can find out more about the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage Project on the British Library’s website and more about the north west hub on our blog site.

Vicki Caren, Cataloguing Manager

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