Songs from Under the Flightpath: the Garlic family

We’re dirty and we’re smelly
We haven’t got a telly
We need a pair of wellies
The Garlic family

[inaudible] she is our mummy
She fills up all our tummies
Her food is very yummy
The Garlic family

[inaudible] is a real star
He brings us food from so far
He brings us rum and vodka
The Garlic family

The benders they are creaky
They’re also very leaky
The treehouses are freaky
The Garlic family

The [inaudible] are commencing
The pixies are perplexing
They’re pulling down the fences
The Garlic family

Hello Mister White Hat
It’s us you like to look at
You really are a thick twat
The Garlic family

[inaudible] they went and caught her
They fed her bread and water
But still it hasn’t taught her
The Garlic family

Have a banana!

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