Lewis performed in the spring production

Interviewer: [00:00:01] So what productions have you been in at Theatre by the Lake?

Lewis: [00:00:05] Um, was working for youth theatre stuff. I was, took part in ‘Rogue Herries’, which was their 2013 spring production. And as well as having, I don’t know, eight professional actors, they had a sort of community chorus, which was lots of children, lots of adults, about 30 altogether I think. And I didn’t actually go to auditions, as I didn’t know they were happening. But I managed to sort of, sneak in, and it was rehearsing since about January, at weekends and then nearer the time, three times a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then performing, sort of 16 performances I did in about a month. So it’s quite time consuming. It took up a lot of time. It’s really interesting to see how, you know, professional shows, sort of, put on and how it works.

Interviewer: [00:00:55] So what was it like being in youth theatre?

Lewis: [00:00:58] Yeah, you get a lot of support and you’re sort of directed by professional directors, which is quite interesting. Yes, its weird there’s like a huge range of like, you know, different people, the people around eight or whatever. And there was people who were quite a lot older than eight and, you know, all like different levels of experience and stuff. And it’s really interesting how all those different people sort of came together really, all work together really well. Um. Yeah. And it’s kind of a bit weird to performing, I guess, on quite a big stage like Theatre by the Lake, but yeah. No, it’s really interesting. I enjoyed it.

Interviewer: [00:01:39] Isn’t it kind of worrying that because it’s professional theatre there’s a risk that you might do something wrong, going along an entrance, or not come in at all.

Lewis: [00:01:48] No, no, not really. I mean, I didn’t have a very big part. You had a few lines, sort of on my own and one or two scenes where you’ve got to sort of …yeah, try extra hard, I guess. But, no, I guess I’d be more worried about or not worried but try even harder almost for plays where you’ve got a bigger part, when it’s more depending on you, if you get what I mean, I was just part of, whatever, sort of 20 people all on stage.

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