Tuang Li Liaw talks about her husband choosing to pursue his career in Cumbria

Li Liaw: [00:00:00] I think the first thing that drew us here, it’s the job, and for some reason, my husband picked this place, because he has other offers in bigger cities. And it sounds strange how things worked out because he didn’t go for those big cities job. He decided to come to Cumbria, which, now for them, very hard for them to look for people to come over to work. There’s one point that I couldn’t find anyone to come and work for them and but he just come because he wanted to be at this place and…

Interviewer: [00:00:43] Do you think it was because of the landscape?

Li Liaw: [00:00:46] I think he’s just drawn, naturally drawn to a more quieter area and… but that the funny side is when the economy comes down, he still has his job until today. So in a way, that is a good blessing. And we tend not to love our life and have a really, really happy life here in Cockermouth and… Yes, it’s a, it’s a, so it’s a good arrangement in a way.

Interviewer: [00:01:21] It can work well?

Li Liaw: [00:01:22] It worked well, yeah. Yeah.

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