Kirkby Local History Society recordings

This collection was recorded by members of the now defunct Kirkby Local History Society between 1965 and 1973, to record aspects of life in the Kirkby township pre- and post-World War II, including industrial, workforce and social developments in the area. The tapes form a unique record of the lived experiences of members of the Kirkby community, recorded at a pivotal time in the history of the township.

Dan Hyland explains how crucial Joe O’Neill’s shop was in the early years of the New Kirby when there were few amenities for the growing population (KLHS/6/31)

The ‘Old Kirkbyites’ represent the agricultural, village-based lifestyle that had been the way of life for many centuries. Post WW2, the growth of the industrial estate on the site of the Royal Ordnance Factory ran parallel with housing expansion and the growth of the new town, with new housing estates built to accommodate workers and to house people relocated from Liverpool as a result of wartime bombing and unsanitary housing clearances.

Dan Hyland talks about the problems caused by the lack of planning for the New Kirkby, and the growth of community spirit since then (KLHS/6/31)

The 1970s saw a time of challenge for the new town, with issues around the economy, unemployment, industrial action (Fisher-Bendix sit in), housing and education, all of which are discussed on the tapes.

Description of cramped home life in Everton and new life in Kirkby new town (KLHS/6/31)

The collection is held by Knowsley Archives Service, where you can make an appointment to listen to them. The British Library reference is UAP044. The local reference is KLHS/6.

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