High Fell – the Cumbria landscape story

High Fell – the Cumbria Landscape story, was a project by the Cumbria Wildlife Trust and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Over the course of a year 49 interviews were carried out. The interviews record memories of the fell landscape and wildlife from before and after the Second World War.

Local residents recall the changes they have witnessed over time, including weather and climate as well as the flora and fauna. Other factors that have had an impact on the region include post-war developments in agriculture and the increase in leisure time, not just for local residents but in terms of numbers of travelling visitors.

Interviewees share aspects of their early life, including their occupation and their own specific relationship to the fells. Stories include aspects of farming, woodland, conservation, along with a reflective look on the changes of the past twenty years.


The full length interviews will be available at Carlisle Archive Service in due course. A selection of interviews will be published on the British Library website.

You can read the full descriptions online at the British Library’s Sound and Moving Image catalogue. The British Library collection reference is UAP026. The local reference is DSO-313.

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