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Luchia Fitzgerald: [00:00:00] The GLF meant the Gay Liberation Front as it was born right there at that table here in Manchester. Yeah, we started it right there and then we said, OK. So I was saying to the students, what do you want? And they said, well, you know, we need to liberate ourselves and we need to, you know, get people to understand, you know, what we were talking about in the Union, and I thought, this is fantastic. Yeah, so then we left it for some months and what have you, and we started doing all these different things together.

Dr. Sarah Feinstein: [00:00:29] And do you remember the pub that you were in?

Luchia Fitzgerald: [00:00:32] And I think it was called a Picador. There was a club called the Picador that was opened up, and that’s where they were. The students came down there and they were talking because I think they were thinking they’d come up to the straight gay scene, as it was called at the time, and start leafletting us and stuff like that, you know, and what have you. But we see the odd student coming in and out of the pub in the old days, but they run out again because they said they seen it as rough as a bears arse on a frosty morning you see, you know what I mean? Because you could tell he wasn’t a middle class pub by any means, you know, and it was like where you go to slum it you know, but we had the magic right there in our hand if they’d just, you know, lifted up their glasses and took a really good look, you know, so and so that was that what they were doing their thing over the university, unbeknownst to us. So things were happening everywhere, you see in little groups.But as I say, until the some of the working class women met with the women from the university, that’s when it really took off.

Dr. Sarah Feinstein: [00:01:34] About what year would that be?

Luchia Fitzgerald: [00:01:37] I think that might have been like maybe, I dunno, 71. Maybe Angela could tell you the dates. She’s better with dates than I am.

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