Leopold on returning back to Keswick to work as head chef at the  Keswick Hotel.

Leopold: [00:00:00] But no, I mean, I fell in love with, with the Lake District itself because it’s somehow it was very, very similar where I was growing up in, in my youth.

And, but anyway, like I said, coming back to Keswick, it was later about 1976 when I was in the Keswick Hotel again as head chef ’74, ’75 and in the autumn 1976 went to place, Castle Inn, and I was there for 12 years. I went there, this 12 years, I been going back and forwards, I mean there was hardly a day I didn’t stop at Dodd’s Wood, and went for a walk before I went to work. So, I mean, it’s, so I mean, that it’s still, it is still my thing, you see. So it’s in my thing.

But as it happens, it was afterwards, again, the duty manager of the Keswick Hotel, who was then an Italian, Mr Descone[?] and, er, he came and asked if I would come back to the Keswick Hotel. It was then run by Trusthouse Forte. So I came back to him, to Keswick Hotel. Then I was at Keswick Hotel until 1991. But I brought my old team with me from the Swiss centre because the Swiss centre had some 50 people employed, we had 84 chefs. But most of them are, somehow, in contact somehow. There are still things you know, they are the happiest times that I had in the Lake District.


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