Mrs. J interview question on Women’s Liberation (MSOH/761_e03)

Interviewer: [00:00:00] I know what I’d like to ask you, kind of in the last 15, 20 years, these Women’s Liberation movements have started, what do feel about those?

Mrs. J: [00:00:07] Well, good luck to them! [laughs] Good luck to ’em I say. You know, if that’s what they want, well er…

Interviewer: [00:00:21] Do you think you could have done with one of those when you were a young woman?

Mrs. J: [00:00:25] You know, it never really arose. It, it, you know was it was an altogether different world. It was an altogether different world. Like I say when I see pictures, or on the telly or in the papers of these girls screaming for abortion, you know, ‘Abortions on demand!’. Ok, go and have your abortion love, I don’t mind, you know. I don’t, I don’t think, I don’t think abortion is an answer really. I would have hated to interfere with myself in that way, of a natural sort of process. I think they should take steps before it.

Interviewer: [00:01:05] Yes.

Mrs. J: [00:01:05] You know, that if they want abortions, let them all have abortions, I don’t…

Interviewer: [00:01:09] Yes,

Mrs. J: [00:01:10] It’s just… It’s just, it just leaves me unmoved. And I can’t bear…[laughs] a girl walking around without a bra on, I think that is an ugly sight…you know.[laughs]

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