Mrs. F interview question on Women’s Lib movement (MSOH/758(2)_e04)

Interviewer: [00:00:00] The women’s liberation movement that sprang up in the 60s. How do you feel about that?

Mrs. Frayman: [00:00:10] I feel very interested in that. Let me correct that. Felt very interested in it at that time. And joined a class at which I hoped to learn what was actually meant by Women’s Liberation, because all that…bra burning nonsense just struck me as being so much rubbish. And I thought, but nevertheless, I want to know what there is in a movement that purports to be for the liberation of women. And so I attended lectures at this course. So, but I have a certain sympathy with a lot of their aims. But that they went beyond where I could sympathise with them when they insisted that women had to be, as it were, a separate force, a separate entity from the men. And that rights for women were so paramount that it did not matter about the rights for men. And when they reached that stage, then I fell away from their beliefs, because I feel that the rights that women achieve can only be achieved alongside the right for men.

Interviewer: [00:01:18] Yeah,

Mrs. Frayman: [00:01:20] But you can’t have a liberated woman unless you liberate men with them. And its just as possible for women to exploit men as it is for men, primarily, I know they do, exploit women. And, er, there are certain rights that women should have, but not if it means only women, is my feelings about it. So after that series of lectures, I did go to a second series, but then decided that I’d learned as much as I was likely to learn and that going along in support of that particular women’s liberation theme wasn’t for me, not when it meant excluding men.

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